Who is Welsh Thomas?

The younger Dylan Thomas was full of brio, inspiration and desire to express himself through words, whether on the written page, at literary soirees and readings or over a pint in a favoured Swansea local. By day at the Karmdomah café, by night in the pubs, big questions of art and life were debated and danced around such as what was happening in London and New York, emigration and Welsh identity and the draw of the United States where fame and fortune lay waiting for these talented young men from South Wales.

The Kardomah Gang was a group of  bohemian friends, artists, musicians, poets and writers, who in the thirties frequented the Kardomah Café in Castle Street, Swansea. Regulars included poets Charles Fisher, Dylan Thomas, John Prichard and Vernon Watkins, composer and linguist Daniel Jones and artists Alfred Janes and Mervyn Levy. The café, opposite the offices of the Evening Post newspaper where Thomas and Fisher worked, was where the group drank coffee and conversed over many subjects, often continuing their discussions in a nearby pub.

Here we re-imagine just such a session with Daniel Jones, whose friendship with Thomas spanned some twenty-eight years of the poet's short life.